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sudha pillai - artist - illustrator - lines by su

Hi there,


Welcome to Lines By Su.

I am Sudha Pillai, a content & brand strategist by profession and an illustrator and artist for life. No matter what I do, I am a storyteller at the core of it all.


My association with stories began even before I could walk or talk. I grew up with a mother who would point to a random cloud in the sky and ask me, "Can you see the bird or the horse or the young girl riding a chariot?" Or she would trace an old man on the peeling paint on the walls and will tell me tall tales about his youthful adventures in a faraway land. I grew up seeing stories everywhere. 


I realised that all art begins with a story in my adult life. And our lives not just become bearable but beautiful when filled with art. It need not necessarily be expensive art that hangs on a wall with exceptional security to protect it (though if you have the money, you should go ahead and buy that zillion dollar piece of art if it brings you joy). It could be just a beautiful coffee mug that tells you a story while sipping your morning cuppa.

Lines By Su has been my dream for more than two decades. After much dilly-dallying, I finally decided to do something about my dream. And thus was born Lines By Su – a brand that believes that everybody should encounter art every day of their lives because art makes life not just bearable but beautiful too. 

I create wearable, functional and decorative art. My art is inspired by my travels, nature, culture, people, places, etc. My art is influenced by stories worldwide. I create wearable, functional and decorative art. 

I illustrate books, especially children's books, and create surface patterns for textiles, furniture, wallpaper and functional objects. I also enjoy creating intricate BNW pen & ink art as much as I enjoy creating colourful art. 

I am always open to new businesses and collaborations. Feel free to look around and send me a mail or get in touch with me via WhatsApp (#9741737881).

Thank you for your time.

Love & Light


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