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Collection Name: Crawlies

Inspired by: The cryptic coloring and patterns on caterpillars

Number of patterns in the collection: 7

Available: Small and large motifs.

Pattern: Hand-painted digital art


Colourful Camaflouge

Caterpillars are cryptically colored and patterned. The colors and patterns help the caterpillar to protect itself from its enemies. Because caterpillars are the favorite food of many species since they are high in protein.

The patterns on a caterpillar are mesmerizing. They comprise of mostly dots and dashes in various hypnotic combinations. Their colors are sometimes influenced by what they feed on and the seasons.

This collection is inspired mostly by the Common Crow, Swallow Tailed, Danus White, Absolem Pink, Phosphila, Rainbow and Striped caterpillars.

This pattern can be used on a wide range of wearable and functional products.

This pattern is available for licencing or buyout.


1. Absolem Pink

2. Common Crow

3. Danus White


5. Rainbow

6.Striped Maple

7. Swallow Tail

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