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Surface Pattern Design - original art - lines by su - collection - ocean delights - Leafy sea dragons
Leafy Sea Dragons

Pattern Name: Leafy Sea Dragons

Inspired by: the ornate Leafy sea dragons found in the waters near Australia

Available: Small and large motifs.


This pattern is part of the Ocean Delights Collection inspired by the mysterious and fascinating ocean.

The underwater world is fascinating

and what we know about this mysterious world is only 2% of what is really out there. Leafy sea dragons are among the most beautiful, ornate creatures of the underwater world. They are the size of a regular teacup. They have gorgeous, gossamer leaf-shaped appendages on their entire body, and they are often mistaken for seaweed. The leaf-shaped protrusions help these creatures to camouflage themselves in the seaweed. They look very similar to sea horses. Leafy sea dragons are listed under ‘near threatened’ species. Their numbers dwindled drastically because of pollution and habitat loss

This pattern can be used on a wide range of wearable and functional products.

This pattern is available for licencing or buyout.

Sample Mock-ups

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