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Zoanthids - flower-like animals found in the ocean

Pattern Name: Zoanthids

Inspired by: tiny flower-like animals found in the ocean.

Available: Small and large motifs.


This seamless pattern is from the collection Ocean Delights, and it's called Zoanthids. This collection of seamless patterns is inspired by the mysterious and mesmerizing creatures of the ocean.

Zoanthids, are tiny flower-like animals that you can find on a reef. There are around 200 colourful species of Zoanthids known to humans. These flower animals are extremely beautiful. They are usually packed into tight colonies and are mistaken for corals. But, unlike the hard surface of coral colonies, Zoanthids have a leathery texture. They have a cylindrical body with a smooth, flat and colourful disk on the top hemmed by rows of tentacles. When the animal feels threatened, it retracts its tentacles and looks like a blob of jelly. Like all other creatures of this world, Zoanthids are also affected by the loss of habitat, pollution and other man-made problems, including the pretty flower animals being collected by humans to be used in live aquariums.

For all their mesmerizing beauty

some zoanthids can be highly poisonous. They contain palytoxin, considered to be the most toxic marine poison. Even a teeny-tiny amount of palytoxin can be fatal. If you are lucky, it might not kill you, but it would leave you paralysed. Hence, humans are advised not to touch Zoanthids with their bare hands.

But nothing can stop you from enjoying them in the form of art. Wear the Zoanthid art or use functional objects like a mobile case with a Zoanthid pattern, and you will always have an exciting story to tell about the wonders of our ocean.

This pattern can be used on a wide range of wearable and functional products.

This pattern is available for licencing or buyout.

Sample Mock-ups

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