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This artwork, ALONE, is a digital print of the original pen & ink painting. 


There's a tweet that refuses to vacate my mind—a tweet from a faceless stranger. I don't remember the exact words, but its gist is engraved on my mind. The stranger had tweeted about how her body weight ruled every aspect of her life. Physical, mental, emotional, personal and professional. Though everyone around her tries to be politically correct at times and not so many times, she couldn't ignore that her body weight underlined everything. "If only she were slimmer" was a constant prefix in her life. 


Only a big woman (or man)  would understand this lament. Even if you are a cheerful, confident, body-positive person, the 'doomed fat-feeling' can get you and send you spiralling if you are not careful. For some, losing weight is not about eating right, exercising and keeping a positive attitude. They still struggle despite doing all the right things. And the struggle is genuine. Some days are darker than others. And on those days, it's just you and your body - alone, even in a crowd.


This painting, ALONE, was inspired by that haunting tweet and the conundrums of life.


The act of painting and erasing the black with white and the use of negative space is deliberate and manifests the artist's thoughts in the dark corners of her mind. 


The art print is signed by the artist and is available on the following media. 



Epson Enhanced Matte Paper produces vivid and vibrant images that maintain sharpness and crisp details. It has a smooth texture and matt finish. It is best suited for museum-quality fine artwork. 


Hahnemuhle German Etching Art Paper is an acid- and lignin-free 100% alpha-cellulose printing paper. It has a dense texture and matt finish. It produces outstanding reproduction of colour and detail, deep black and optimum contrasts.


Please see the mockup of how the artwork will look in a living space. 


If you want a specific size of this print, please contact us. 

International buyers, please contact us for a quotation.


  • All sales are final.

    No cancellations, returns or refunds. However, you can exchange the item if it has a major problem.

    • This is when the item has a problem that would have stopped someone from buying it if they knew about it. 
    • is unsafe.
    • is significantly different from the sample or description. 

    (Please note, there might always be slight variation in the colour saturation.) 

  • The cost includes tax and shipping.

    Delivery in 15 days from the time of placing the order.

    Currently, shipping is only in India. 

    International buyers, please contact us for a quotation.

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