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This mobile cover is from the Collection: Işıl, which means 'to sparkle' in Turkish. The collection is inspired by the colour black and the abstraction of lines.


Black is considered the queen of all colours. Black was one of the first colours used in art. Pre-historic cave paintings were made using black obtained by mixing charcoal and iron minerals.

In Medieval paintings, the devil was often painted in black. Hence black became associated with evil and all things bad. But the colour black also represents wealth and power. When the Benedictine monks wore black robes, the colour became associated with humility and repentance. 


The first printed book, the Gutenberg Bible, was printed black on white. Because it was a contrast that was easy and pleasing to the eye. The first printer's ink of black was made by mixing soot, turpentine and walnut oil.


Vantablack is the blackest black colour, which an English tech company created in 2014 by growing carbon nanotubes on a metal surface. The colour traps light so that the surface looks like a void. Artist Anish Kapoor bought the exclusive rights to use Vantablack in 2016.


The mobile covers have 3D prints of original artwork from Lines By Su.


    • Hard poly-carbonate material with a smooth matte finish
    • 3D-wrap sublimation print of original artwork on sides and back
    • Perfect openings for camera and speakers
    • Edge protection through coverage on corners to save from breakages
    • Long-lasting prints
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