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This art is inspired by domestic cats. Playful yet so wise!


All domestic cats have a common ancestor: the North African / Southwest Asian wildcat. Research says that there are two strains of  cat domestication. One began in the Fertile Crescent (in the Neolithic period) and accelerated later in ancient Egypt (in the Classical period).


Are you a cat lover? Let's see how well you know your furry friends

  • What’s the percentage of tiger genome in your cat?

  • How many toes does a cat have?

  • How far or high can a cat jump?

  • How many hours do cats sleep in a day?

  • How much time do they spend on grooming?

  • What is the primary duty of a cat’s tail?

  • Which bone in a cat does not connect to the rest of the bones in its body.

  • What is your cat telling you when its tail is in the shape of a question mark?

  • What is your cat saying when they rub against you?

  • Do you know when your cat is giving you a kitty kiss?


  • 95.6 %

  • Eighteen toes (five toes on each front paw; four toes on each back paw).

  • Up to six times their length.

  • Up to 12 to 16 hours.

  • Up to a third of their waking hours.

  • Cats use their long tails to balance themselves when jumping or walking along narrow ledges.

  • Collar bones. They are buried in their shoulder muscle

  • Want to play?

  • You are mine. Cats mark you as their territory when they rub their faces and bodies against you, as they have scent glands in those areas.

  • A cat’s slow blink is equivalent to a “kitty kiss.” This movement shows contentment and trust.


The mugs have 3D prints of  artwork from Lines By Su


    • Ceramic mug

    • 11 ounce (330 ml) capacity

    • Gloss finish

    • Dual-tone. Coloured rim, inside, and handle

    • Microwave and Dishwasher safe

    • Handdrawn and digitally coloured original art printed with 3D sublimation technology.

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