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In the summer, life is always cool by the pool. Summers are made to live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, and drink the wild air. But you got to do it in style -- in a monokini from Lines By Su. The monokinis have original artwork inspired by the world we live in. This collection of monokinis is quirky, fun, elegant, bold and colourful. There's something for everyone. Available in sizes up to 5XL.


What inspired this fun pattern?

The distinctive orange bodies with three white bands and black-outlined fins with black tips of Nemo are the inspiration behind this pattern. 

Nemo popularly known as the clownfish is actually a false clownfish or a clown anemonefish. True anemonefish/orange clownfish look very similar but live in different habitats.


There  are 28 species of Nemo. They are tiny, measuring up to only 11 cm long. What's interesting is that Nemo can be both male and female. The leader of the group is always a female. When the leader dies, the dominant male in the group turns into a female in order to become the leader of the group. Once the male becomes a female there's no turning back. Clownfish are found in the coral reefs off the coast of Australia and South Asia. 


    • Non-shrinkable
    • Single jersey construction.
    • Ringspun, 100% polyester yarn with lycra component for stretch
    • Weight: 180 GSM 
    • Knitted on Taiwanese machines
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