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In the summer, life is always cool by the pool. Summers are made to live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, and drink the wild air. But you got to do it in style -- in a monokini from Lines By Su. The monokinis have original artwork inspired by the world we live in. This collection of monokinis is quirky, fun, elegant, bold and colourful. There's something for everyone. Available in sizes up to 5XL.


What inspired this design?

Scandinavian folk art was the inspiration behind this collection. Blame it on an overdose of Viking films and serials on Netflix. 


Scandinavian folk art is very unique when compared to the rest of Europe and it can be traced back to the Viking times. The long isolation of the Northmen and their reluctance to assimilate with the cultures of the lands that they raided reflected on their art which was populated with their exclusive cultural symbols. They drew inspiration from their astounding natural surroundings. 


In the late Middle Ages, the Vikings began transitioning from warriors to farmers and this began to influence their art. Flowers, birds, and human motifs began appearing in their art. They also began telling their legends and stories of their heroes in their art.  Scandinavian folk art has a timeless elegance to it because it can fit right into the modern world. 






    • Non-shrinkable
    • Single jersey construction.
    • Ringspun, 100% polyester yarn with lycra component for stretch
    • Weight: 180 GSM 
    • Knitted on Taiwanese machines
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