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In the summer, life is always cool by the pool. Summers are made to live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, and drink the wild air. But you got to do it in style -- in a monokini from Lines By Su. This collection of monokinis is quirky, fun, elegant, bold and colourful. The monokinis have original artwork inspired by the world we live in. There's something for everyone. Available in sizes up to 5XL.


What inspired this design?

Zoanthids -one of the numerous mysterious and mesmerising creatures of the ocean. Zoanthids are tiny flower-like animals that you can find on a reef. They are stunning, and there are around 200 colourful species of Zoanthids.

These are usually packed into tight colonies and have a leathery texture. They have a cylindrical body with a smooth, flat and colourful disk on the top hemmed by rows of tentacles. When the animal feels threatened, it retracts its tentacles and looks like a blob of jelly.

Some zoanthids can be highly poisonous for all their harmless and mesmerising beauty. They contain palytoxin, considered to be the most toxic marine poison. Even a minute amount of palytoxin can be fatal. It might not kill you if you are lucky, but it will definitely leave you paralysed.  So it is said one should not touch Zoanthids with bare hands.

Like all other creatures of this world, Zoanthids are also affected by the loss of habitat, pollution and other man-made problems, including being collected by humans to be used in live aquariums.


    • Non-shrinkable
    • Single jersey construction.
    • Ringspun, 100% polyester yarn with lycra component for stretch
    • Weight: 180 GSM 
    • Knitted on Taiwanese machines
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